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March 12th 2020

The vision of a well-organized office differs from practitioners to practitioners.

For some of them, the follow-up of the patients’ treatment will be the most important, for the others, it will be at the administrative follow-up level, and finally, for others, it will be at the level of the framework posed at the level of the personnel.

About Martine MENTHONNEX

Consultant within the MMS company she created in 2010.

MMS is a consulting company dedicated to the performance of dental practices and the quality of life of their teams.

For almost 10 years, she held the positions of Clinical Manager in a large orthodontic practice.

His area of expertise is the optimization of the time of the practitioner and staff as well as the implementation of a “typical week" to smooth the annual activity.

His clients also ask him to intervene in other areas such as recruitment and integration of staff, management, team building.

Certified Coach and trained in various personal development tools, she is now moving towards corporate coaching in a comprehensive way to help practitioners to appropriate the functions of the entrepreneur.