New ceramic bracket system self ligating in CIM process

Single Piece CIM construction

  • Precise prescription
  • Full aesthetic material without metal slot or metal clips

Proprietary aluminium oxide formulation

  •  Creates the best color that matches to the natural tooth color
  • Stain resistance
  • Smaller grain size structure 

Patient comfort

  • Bracket surface are designed with rounded edges

Full torque & rotation control

  • Slot precision
  • Wire coverage increase
  • Secured bracket gate assembly

Reduce friction

Slot’s design with rounded corners

The wing

Ample under-tiewing area for easy engagement

Opening/closing mechanism

  • Open with Genius Driver for greater comfort
  • Close with light finger pressure
  • Audible click ensures closing

Superior base design

Reliability of 80 gauge mesh

Well contour for easier placement

Proprietary Base Texture process to increase bond reliability 

Easy debonding and clean up


Fully integrated hooks on cuspids

Maxillary Torque Angle Width R/L 022" x 028"
Central +14° +5° 3.50mm R GSC2110
L GSC2210
Lateral +6° +9° 3.30mm R GSC2120
L GSC2220
Cuspid with hook +3° +5° 3.40mm R GSC213H
Bicuspid -7° +2° 3.30mm R GSC2140
L GSC2240
Mandibular Torque Angle Width R/L 022" x 028"
Lower anterior -6° +9° 3.30mm R GSC2410
L GSC2310
Cuspid with hook +3° +5° 3.40mm R GSC243H
1st Bicuspid -11° +4° 3.30mm R GSC2440
L GSC2340
2nd Bicuspid -16° +2° 3.30mm R GSC2450
L GSC2350
Single patient kit 022" x 028"
Single patient kit Upper 5-5 hooks on 3 and lower 3-3 hooks on 3 0GSC223
Single patient kit Upper 3-3 hooks on 3 0GSC224
Single patient kit Upper and lower 3-3 hooks on 3 0GSC220
Single patient kit Upper and lower 5-5 hooks on 3 0GSC221